Dry Spells

Have you ever had a dry spell when it comes to your art? This could be filmmaking, painting, writing, etc. It has been quite a while since I’ve gotten behind the camera to make a film. Luckily, I will be getting behind the camera shortly to film a marketing video, but over the past year I haven’t done much in the way of actual filming. I have had many ideas. I’ve sketched out a few of them too, but one thing leads to another and I push it off. Instead, I’ve focused on other creative ventures outside of filmmaking. I think that this is common. Think writer’s block. How do you generate an idea good enough to warrant exploring it? It can be difficult. I haven’t posted a blog post in over a month; my schedule got busy and next thing I know it’s almost August.

This is a part of creativity; the dry spells are a part of the magic. There will be periods in our lives where the ideas won’t stop flowing. One idea after another. Eventually the well will run dry, but luckily there is water buried deep within the crust of the earth. It will push through again. I think that this is important to recognize. It can be easy to fall into a rut and think that you will never create again, but to think that way can be detrimental to your creativity.

I try to use these long dry spells to think of new ideas, and to experience life. By experiencing life we effectively create more memories to draw inspiration from. It can be a frustrating journey, but a rewarding one as well. Don’t get discouraged if you find no new ideas coming to the forefront. Think of it has a transitional period. You’ve left behind the previous chapter of your creative life and are now writing the next chapter. I know when I make my next film it will be at the right time. No need to rush it.