On the Beach

Inspiration can strike you anywhere. Some people get inspired in their dreams; some people get inspired through things that they do, and some people get inspired by the places they visit. Nature is a great source of inspiration for many artists. It’s like a treasure trove just waiting to be unlocked. This week I took a walk on a beach and it got me thinking about all the stories that could be told from this location. You have the ocean, a great unknown, which could be the basis for many a story. Think of all the stories which could be told. You have the great depths of the oceans which are unexplored, you have boats, and you have the beach. I don’t find myself at the beach often (I don’t really like the beach if I’m being honest here), so I guess that would explain why I never really thought of the beach as a place to tell a story. I realize now, however, that every location on this planet can inspire some story to tell.

Film has the power to take an audience to a place they have never been before, and it has the power to show us a side of life we have never experienced. Every story, however, needs to start somewhere. It can be a fleeting thought which grabs your attention. That’s all you need. Just one thought. With that thought you can create worlds that don’t exist, or explore themes which create a fire within you. Run with it and don’t let it hinder your creative energy. If we give in and don’t explore a thought fully then we are only cheating ourselves. Explore the world and find your source of inspiration. It could be right around the corner.


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