Don’t Compromise Your Vision

Have you ever had a vision of how your film should be, but then change it drastically because others around you are pressuring for the change? It is not a pretty sight. Now, I am not saying that you shouldn’t take advice and/or suggestions about your film. I think that there can be a healthy balance between your artistic vision and the suggestions made by cast and crew members. What I am saying is this: don’t throw out your idea completely just because someone tells you to. Unless you truly like their ideas better you will come to regret your decision. The best thing you can do is film their idea and your idea and see what works in editing. You could also not take their ideas into consideration at all, but at least make it seem like you considered it.

Sometimes we have to get creative because of circumstances out of our control. It is when a person on set constantly questions your visions that things can get troublesome. It has the potential of creating a toxic environment. Take a deep breath, be polite, and stick to your vision. There must have been a reason you had that specific vision, so don’t compromise it. The more you change your film based on the ideas of others around you (unless you genuinely like those ideas better), the more your film becomes somebody else’s vision. You see this kind of thing all the time in Hollywood when producers and production companies think they know more about film-making and storytelling than directors and writers. Many filmmakers have disowned films they have made because it wasn’t truly their vision. Never find yourself in this situation if you can help it. It can be a brutal experience.


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