Time passes us by so quickly that quite often we don’t even realize it. I was thinking about what my next article on here should be about, and I am not sure why I decided it should be about time, but I think time is a very important factor in the filmmaking process; it is a very important aspect in life as well. You think that you have all the time in the world to do things, but you blink your eyes and you’re five years older, and you wonder where the time went to. I do not live in the past, but I regularly find myself being nostalgic for times gone by; memories have the ability to transport me back in time. It is crazy to think of all the films I made a few years ago, and all the fun I had while making them. This is one of the reasons why making films are so much fun: they create memories. It is true; when you make a film you will have experiences you never thought imaginable. It is more than that, however, it is creating a vision within your head become a reality.

Last year, while making one of my short films, the day came for the “big” scene. This was to be the main scene of my film, which also had to be done in one long, continuous take, for artistic reasons. We had choreographed the whole thing out during a rehearsal beforehand, and the actors knew their lines. It was a lot of work. We were filming in a stadium style classroom at a University, and we thought we had all the time in the world to get it done. We filmed, if I can remember correctly, around four takes, but I still didn’t have the exact take I wanted, but we were running out of time. We were running out of time not because it was late, but because the room had apparently been checked out to a large event and we were effectively kicked out of my filming location!

We rushed one final take which was a disaster because, well…we were rushing the hell out of it. This whole confusion came about because of a slight oversight on our part about the checkout list for the room, and now it seemed all the hard work we had done was for naught. Luckily, one of the first takes was good enough to use, and we didn’t go back to re-shoot anything. The take I used still had an element or two about that I still don’t like, but overall it works well. There was a slight audio mix up, but I was able to fix that easily in post. There are just some visual components about it that don’t necessarily sit well with me, but I also understand I’ll be the only one noticing them.

Overall, it worked out fine. I got a useable take, and we finished the film on schedule. I am still proud of this film. However, I return to my point of time. It can run out without us realizing it. When making a film, make sure you have the time to do so, otherwise you may end up in a situation like we were. Not only in your filmmaking and artistic endeavors, but in life too. If you can be writing something, drawing something, filming something, recording something, doing anything productive at all, but choose not to because “there is always tomorrow”, reconsider that decision; time is precious, and the older we get, the shorter it becomes.

I know that, for me, I will continue to make films because of how fun it is, because of the times I get to share with like-minded people, and because of the awesome memories that come with it.


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