The Legend of the Scarecrow (2005)

A while back I had a mission to watch as many short films as I could possibly find. I just started searching the internet for anything I could find.  One day I stumbled across a short animated Spanish film entitled “The Legend of the Scarecrow”, directed by Marco Besas. This film, despite being only 9 minutes in length, is one of the most powerful short films I have ever seen. Themes of being an outsider and just wanting a friend are very prevalent in this film. I will not write much on it because the film does a better job explaining its own meaning, and does it beautifully I might add, than anything I could ever write here. It is so beautifully crafted that it always deserves another viewing (in my opinion, of course). I will say, however, to pay attention to the animation style and the music; both these elements really add an extra layer to this brilliant little film. I highly recommend setting aside 9 minutes and watching it, you won’t regret it.


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