Another Way to See the World

I often find myself seeing the world through the camera’s lens. My dreams tend to play out like movies rather than nonsensical experiences. In fact, I have often dreamt of movies that don’t exist, titles and all. One included a sequel to 1996’s “Fargo” entitled “Idaho”. If only I could make sense of them and actually make them a reality. I digress.

Going back to my original point, I often look at the world around me and imagine certain moments as scenes and segments from films that don’t exist. This is not to say I don’t experience life as it is in reality. Rather, I tend to see certain moments differently than others. I see certain moments in life as great scenes in movies I wish were real. It inspires me to keep writing and it inspires me to keep creating new works, film or literature. There is not a day that goes by where I don’t think of at least two or three ideas for new films or pieces of literature. Perhaps they aren’t complete ideas but they are the seeds of more complete ones. I know that for sure. If you are ever stuck in writer’s block just take a look around you. Little moments that seem to be meaningless often carry with them great potential. It’s these little moments that often make the best stories. It doesn’t always have to be some big dramatic happening in our lives that inspires the best stories, although they do tend to lend themselves to exciting works of art.

When I read a short story or a novel I often find myself picturing everything I am reading as a movie in my head. Each page is filled with imagery that fills my creative imagination. I always picture how a certain story could be adapted for the screen. It’s part of what makes reading so fun for me. The possibilities are endless. The next time you pick up a book or a short story, even an article from a newspaper, picture it as a film in your mind’s eye. It will elevate the story that much more.

This is just another way to see the world. To see the world not as a boring repetitive routine but instead as a creative goldmine just waiting to be excavated.


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